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California Nonprofit Looks To the Sun for Financial Sustainability

Building Healthy Communities

When Rene Castro and Dr. Dean Toji learned about a project that used wind energy to support a local charity, their imagination took flight. What if they could do the same thing with a community solar facility—use the money from the clean energy production to support their nonprofit, while offering local residents green power at a cheaper price?  “If we ... Read More »

Construction Advances on Washington State’s Largest Community Solar Array


Construction is progressing quickly on the 423 kW Avista Community Solar Array, serving residential and commercial electricity customers throughout eastern Washington state. Crews have installed all 1,512 solar electric panels at Boulder Park on North Barker Road in Spokane Valley. They are finishing the electrical work, and will perform testing before turning on the state’s third-largest solar array at the end ... Read More »

Fort Collins Residents Help City Reach Climate Targets While Saving on Electricity


Fort Collins resident Norman Illsley, 90, is making a statement. He purchased one 305-watt solar electric panel in the Riverside Community Solar Array, the first roofless solar project serving Fort Collins Utilities’ customers. “I’m making a statement of saving energy,” Illsley said. Over the 25-year lifespan of the facility, Illsley’s solar panel is expected to save him an estimated $1,155 and ... Read More »

Prairie Dogs Humanely Relocated for Community Solar Development

prairie dogs

They live a complex network of underground tunnels and have the most sophisticated vocal language ever decoded—more advanced than primates, whales and dolphins. Prairie dogs. While their colonies create rich habitats that benefit more than 150 wildlife species, they eat the same grasses as cattle and horses, and their presence hinders development. Therefore, prairie dogs are often seen as a nuisance ... Read More »

Rebecca Driscoll

Rebecca Driscoll

In 2011, Clark’s Market—an independent grocer with eight stores in western Colorado—shifted to local renewable energy when it bought 40 community solar panels from Clean Energy Collective (CEC). The purchase intrigued local residents, including Rebeca Driscoll, whose house doesn’t receive sufficient sunlight for on-site solar. Driscoll’s friend had gone through the community solar process, and suggested that she explore the clean energy ... Read More »

CEC Brings Roofless Community Solar Solution to One of the Largest Municipal Utilities in the U.S.


Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the world’s leading community solar provider, announced today a new partnership with CPS Energy, bringing the first roofless community solar pilot project to San Antonio, Texas. CEC will develop a 1.2 MW (DC) solar PV facility, providing CPS Energy customers the opportunity to own local clean energy generation through CEC’s Roofless Solar program. “We are excited ... Read More »

Community Solar: Should You Buy, Lease or Subscribe?

community solar models

Maybe your neighbor’s 40-foot maple tree casts shade on your rooftop. Or perhaps you’re reluctant to cover your aging roof in solar panels, making future repairs difficult and costly. Whatever the reason that on-site solar isn’t feasible for your property, community solar offers an alternate solution. Community or “roofless” solar allows businesses and residents to share the clean energy from ... Read More »

Paul Spencer Named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

EOY 2015 winners

Paul Spencer, the founder and CEO of Louisville, Colo.-based Clean Energy Collective, received the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 Award in the Services category for the Mountain Desert region. At the helm the world’s leading community solar developer, Mr. Spencer was recognized for his success of not just starting a new company, but spawning an entirely ... Read More »

How Community Solar Is Taking Center Stage

Jeffco groundbreaking

– ARTICLE BY BILL STOLLER OF BENZINGA – When most investors think of solar power projects, two types of projects generally come to mind, massive utility scale solar farms, and solar panels atop residential rooftops. However, GTM Research Senior Analyst Cory Honeyman explained in an exclusive Benzinga interview on June 23, “There is a third trend which has been building momentum, and ... Read More »

The Future of Solar Power: The Cheapest Energy Source

community shared solar

– ARTICLE BY KRISTIJAN GLAS OF THE FUTURE OF THINGS – With how much solar can potentially do for the environment, you might wonder why it’s not ubiquitous yet. Until recently, the large-scale implementation of solar has remained cost-prohibitive. The historically high cost of solar explains why it produces just 0.45 percent of the electricity produced in the United States. ... Read More »