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California Is The First State To Get More Than 5 Percent Of Its Power From Large Solar Projects

California solar

– ARTICLE BY ARI PHILLIPS OF CLIMATE PROGRESS —  California led the nation in new solar power capacity last year, and new data shows it was the first state to get more than 5 percent of its annual electricity generation from large-scale solar projects producing more than one megawatt of power. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2014 utility-scale solar projects in California ... Read More »

Clean Energy Collective Teams up with Morgan Stanley to Boost Solar Deployment in Massachusetts

Morgan Stanley

Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the nation’s leading community solar developer, and MS Solar Solutions Corp. (MSSS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), have entered into a strategic development agreement to accelerate the expansion of community-shared solar across Massachusetts. The jointly owned entity created through this relationship combines CEC’s industry leading position in the community solar sector with the ... Read More »

Russ and Pat Bushman

The Bushmans

Minnesota is home to more than 52 native tree species with 17.3 million forested acres throughout the state. Hardy and majestic, these 70-foot Basswoods and 100-foot Red Pines create a considerable amount of shade, making it difficult to install a rooftop solar system. Russ Bushman has experienced this obstacle first-hand. “I have a strong interest in renewable energy options,” Russ ... Read More »

The 7 Most Appealing Nations for Renewable Energy

solar in Switzerland

– GUEST BLOG BY ROY HALES OF ECOREPORT – Climate Change is upon us. The signs are everywhere, for anyone not actively denying them. So are the avenues to change our planet for the better, though some nations have not yet resolved to pursue them. So who are the 7 most attractive nations for renewable investments? The US is a ... Read More »

Community Solar Helps Utilities Transition to a New Energy Future

solar helps utilities

A disruptive innovation is one that helps create a new market by improving a product in an unforeseen manner, thereby “disrupting” the existing market. Today’s disruptive technologies—from solar photovoltaics (PV) and battery storage to fuel cells and wind turbines—are transforming the electric utility industry, according to a report released by the Edison Electric Institute. New innovations and technologies are, in turn, causing ... Read More »

3MW of Community Shared Solar Comes to Uxbridge, Mass.

commercial solar customers

Three new facilities will provide equal access to solar benefits for all ratepayers through Clean Energy Collective’s SolarPerks™ and commercial net-metering credit programs Broad accessibility and favorable economics, driven largely by economies of scale and priority treatment by Massachusetts’s solar renewable energy credit (SREC) program, have made community-shared solar an increasingly popular energy solution throughout the state. To meet demand, ... Read More »

Sometimes it Takes a Community to Go Solar

Summit County community solar

– ARTICLE BY ANDREW BARBEAU OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENSE FUND – You don’t have a south-facing roof. You have too many trees in your yard. You may not be committed to staying in your house for the next ten to fifteen years. Or maybe you rent, or don’t have the upfront money to install. These may be some of the ... Read More »

Kirk Cunningham


A lifelong environmental activist, Kirk Cunningham has dedicated his career—and now his retirement—to conservation issues. For decades, the Boulder resident has served on the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Conservation Committee, helping to promote land, water and resource conservation across Colorado. In the spirit of preservation, he wanted to harness the sun’s energy, but his home was not properly sited for a rooftop solar system. “Our ... Read More »

How Do You Finance a Commercial Solar Project?

Photo by Kina’ole Capital Partners

— GUEST BLOG BY ROSANA FRANCESCATO OF PV SOLAR REPORT — If there’s one thing that’s true of solar financing, it’s that there’s no one formula for success. That was evident at a recent panel discussion put on by the San Francisco Department of the Environment, Emerging Solar Financing Models. The panel represented a diverse range of approaches to commercial solar financing, as ... Read More »

Community Solar Provides Value, Savings for Municipal Utilities

municipal solar

The solar industry is growing at an unprecedented rate throughout the U.S. By the end of 2015, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) predicts there will be enough solar power capacity installed to power more than 5.8 million homes. Municipal utilities are realizing the benefit of offering their customers the option to use solar energy. Traditional solar can be costly, ... Read More »