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The Future of Solar Power: The Cheapest Energy Source

community shared solar

– ARTICLE BY KRISTIJAN GLAS OF THE FUTURE OF THINGS – With how much solar can potentially do for the environment, you might wonder why it’s not ubiquitous yet. Until recently, the large-scale implementation of solar has remained cost-prohibitive. The historically high cost of solar explains why it produces just 0.45 percent of the electricity produced in the United States. ... Read More »

U.S. Department of Energy and Clean Energy Collective Launch Community Solar Hub

community solar hub logo

The world’s leading community solar provider Clean Energy Collective (CEC) announces today the launch of the “Community Solar Hub” (CSH), a web-based resource center devoted to roofless community solar deployment,  With open access to market-proven insight and resources, developing a community solar program just became a lot easier. Jointly created by CEC and the U.S. Department of Energy, through ... Read More »

Community Solar Farms Expected to Grow 500% This Year

Mass solar array

– ARTICLE BY LUCAS MEARIAN – Community solar farms, like community gardens, share the photovoltaic energy among a group who purchase a share of the total energy produced by the site and receive the benefits of reduced costs on their electric bill. According to the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA), there are at least 52 community farms the U.S. states. And, ... Read More »

Clean Energy Collective Brings Roofless Community-Shared Solar Solution to Texas

Texas utlities

The world’s leading community solar provider, Clean Energy Collective (CEC), has announced today a partnership with NEC Retail Co-op Electricity to bring community-shared solar to south Texas. CEC will develop a 700 kW (AC) solar PV facility, giving customers the opportunity to own local clean energy generation through CEC’s roofless solar program. This array will be the first large-scale solar ... Read More »

Clean Energy Collective Launches Community Solar Software Platform for Utilities

Community Solar Platform

Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the company that pioneered roofless community-shared solar, today announced the launch of its Community Solar Platform (CSP), a comprehensive suite of software tools and services for utilities, solar developers, and other enterprises to successfully deploy and manage community solar programs. At the core of this game-changing solution is CEC’s proprietary SaaS platform, RemoteMeter®, featuring the essential ... Read More »

More Middle-Class Massachusetts Residents Are Going Solar

Massachusetts apts

Massachusetts is known for the Pilgrims, Boston cream pie and its excellent educational institutions—not its amount of annual sunshine. Still, with the sun beaming brightly just over half the year, it’s enough sunlight to earn Massachusetts fourth in the nation in terms of installed solar capacity. Ranked second (behind New York) for residential solar growth, the Commonwealth added more than ... Read More »

Tom Giessel

Tom Giessel_Farmers Union

Born and raised in central Kansas, Tom Giessel, now 62, has been farming his entire life. He grows wheat, corn and alfalfa and sells the crops to local markets throughout Pawnee County. “I’ve always been interested in solar, I just never pursued it very hard,” Giessel said. Through his rural electric cooperative, Midwest Energy, he discovered that Kansas’ largest community solar facility ... Read More »

Community Solar Solutions Appeal to Eco-Conscious Millennials

tree hugger millennial

Tech savvy and convenience oriented, the millennial generation is the most environmentally-conscious group in U.S. history. In fact, so many Americans born between 1980 and the mid-2000s feel sustainability should be a way of life that only 32% describe themselves as environmentalists—despite the fact that three-quarters believe our nation’s energy policy should focus on developing alternative sources. “Millennials view environmental protection more ... Read More »

5 Solar Innovations That Are Revolutionizing the World


– ARTICLE BY LORRAINE CHOW OF ECOWATCH – Solar power is lighting up the world, and not just on rooftops. Forward-thinking minds are discovering ways to harness the sun’s energy in many exciting ways, from the ground beneath our feet to the shirt off our back. The following innovations are shining beacons in a renewable energy future. Strides in Solar Efficiency Most solar generators can convert ... Read More »

First Solar Donates Combined $50k to Three Cuyama Organizations

Cuyama Valley Recreation District - 2

– ARTICLE BY DAWN LEGG OF FIRST SOLAR – During a recent community barbecue, First Solar’s Cuyama Solar project team honored the rural Santa Barbara County community with a combined donation of $50,000 to fund three local organizations: the Cuyama Valley Family Resource Center, the Cuyama Valley Recreation District and the Cuyama Valley High School Associated Student Body Scholarship Fund. The donation ... Read More »